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The On Time General Services operates with great competence in the Roofing sector, Sidding and Painting offering our customers comprehensive solutions in General Services. When you select On Time General Services Company you are choosing the best one. 

Roof Snow & Ice Dams

In areas where snow and ice are inevitable seasonal occurrences, you want to make sure you keep an eye out for roof snow and ice damage. Ice and snow can cause major roof damage, and if left unattended to, can cause water damage inside your home as well.

Anytime snow and ice are present on your roof, you need to make every effort to clear it off as soon as possible. Snow and ice that accumulates on your roof can potentially result in a roof collapse due to the weight. And, if you don’t clear that roof of that heavy snow and ice, you’ll find that the snow will act as a sponge, absorbing additional sleet and rain, adding to the stress already present on your roof. Also, if you allow ice dams to form, water will build up on your roof and cause leaks into your home. If you feel there may be a potential problem with your roof, we will come out to give you a free roof inspection in order to address your immediate concerns.


When snow and ice are present on your roof, to minimize the formation of roofing ice dams and the risk of your roof collapsing or becoming severely damaged try some of the following:
• If possible, use a snow rake (available at most hardware stores) to remove snow and ice from your roof.
• Clear off snow and ice to within two or three feet from the edge of your roof to reduce the forming of ice dams.
• Should your roof already have ice dams, don’t remove them. Instead create channels every three to four feet to allow water to drain down off your roof.
• If you observe large icicles on your roof’s overhangs, carefully remove them from overhanging doorways and walkways to prevent risks of injury to guests and property.

On Time General Services are expert roofers who repair ice dams.  Snow and ice sliding off roofs can damage valves, tanks and other gas and oil equipment. Also, snow and ice can clog heating vents causing a deadly, carbon monoxide backup in your home or commercial building, endangering occupants.

Should you become worried about the snow and ice accumulation on your home, contact our Roof Snow & Ice Damage Company at On Time General Services for a free estimate.

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Our goal has always been agility and timeliness, we know how important a good pair planning there is no waste of time and money. And we believe that for a project to succeed the services provided need is always On Time!

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All our experience and time to market ensures our customers that we will always be available, both for a new project and for compliance with guarantees and old contracts. No matter the situation will always On Time!

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On Time and our employees are extremely professional and responsible. Our professionals are constantly trained to understand the actual market and the real needs of our customers . All our services are covered by the best insurance to guarantee our customers. We are proud to provide the highest level of quality and expertise to our customers, always with responsibility and professionalism On Time!

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